Mr.Happy: Review

“Almost everyone has found themselves depressed at a point or two. Maybe in the midst of the depression you thought about doing something drastic—something life-changing—something that might make you happy. That could be nice, but it’s scary to actually take the leap and do it. Well, what if there was a service that took care of all the hard stuff for you?”

This is the description provided to explain the premise behind the VICE short, Mr. Happy, starring hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper. Going into the short film you don’t really know what to expect, but I was intrigued by the story line and the honesty that was portrayed in the subject matter.

Without giving too much away, in a clean 23 minutes and some odd seconds, you see the thoughtful progression of a man who attempts to kill himself using various methods without success. He then turns online to seek resources for those who can’t seem to follow through and falls upon ,“Mr. Happy”, an online service allows you to choose the way you want to die and takes care of the rest.

To be so short, this film captures your attention and draws emotion enough so that you become invested in Chance’s character in the 20 minutes that you are introduced to him. A well produced film with a mind blowing twist.

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