Blind Date – Eric Graves


In all honesty, going to a donut shop on a Friday night with a stranger did not appeal to me in the slightest, but it turned out to be a great night getting to know 6’6 Eric Graves from Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

After getting lost on the commute and having to make a call to the establishment known as “Strange Doughnuts” we finally begin the evening in the quaint locale tucked away next to a Korean/Hispanic crossover restaurant.

Right out of the gate, my first impression of Graves was one of admiration. It’s rare to find someone in my demographic who has their life planned out and is so passionate about what they want to do. His presence is an indescribable type of dynamic, and being able to listen to him enthusiastically talk about his dreams and aspirations altogether inspired and solidified mine as well. It goes without saying that his hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster do not sound shallow or superficial like other aspiring television personalities may come off to be, but instead come from a place of genuine passion for the field of work. He speaks with a fire (akin to the red of his hair) that stems from a desire to fulfill his ambitions.

Now you may think that Graves is all work and no play, but this Eagle Scout and recent Beta Sigma Psi pledge could not be further from that description. From his preferred pastime activities to his detailed fraternity romps on the town, he is easily one of the coolest guys around and somehow finds a way to balance all his priorities while keeping his goals in clear line of sight.

Over the course of a generous two hours, we discussed several topics amongst the consumption of delicious donuts and on our way out had to get some “Seoul Taco” (the Korean/Hispanic crossover I mentioned previously) and actually sat back down to enjoy the entrees because I was simply to excited to wait until I got home to eat the Gogi bowl that I ordered. No regrets.

We finally headed out with feelings of good vibes and positivity. This entire experience was basically the point of college in a nutshell. Meeting someone new, trying new things, being inspired. All college encapsulates and promises. A lively evening to cap off my first week of college!

11/10 would recommend getting to know Eric Graves if only because he can dunk.