J2150 Reflection

J2150 has been a real change of pace with so many things packed into such a short amount of time. With three different instructors covering video, audio and photo the scheduling got to be a little chaotic, but still worthwhile. I think the class has been successful in teaching what you should look for in successful multimedia work and provided some of the basics to get you there. As far as the class setup it could have been more efficient, but with a new model for teaching the class it was a “figure it out as you go” routine and I think students still put out decent work considering.

As far as helping me find what I want to build a career on, I originally planned to be something related to magazine whether that be writing, designing, editing etc., but I’ve found that I enjoy elements in the multimedia realm as well. Hopefully in whatever I decide, I’m able to put to task some of the skills I’ve been able to take away from 2150. Especially the skills I’ve made just communicating with people and getting involved with them as I’ve worked on projects throughout the semester. Getting the opportunity to work with people and hear their stories has been extremely rewarding.

I appreciate the emphasis on storytelling, would have liked more time to thoroughly develop these stories, but I likened it to having deadlines in the industry and rolled with the time crunch. Also the media storm training workshops were awesome in that they went almost frame-by-frame with postproduction and explained the decisions they made in order to elicit a specific response from the viewer. They really do a good job explaining why they chose to take a certain angle on a subject and the direction they chose to go.

One place I felt was lacking in the course was instruction of software and equipment like I get there is such a shortage of time, but we had to learn on our own time on the fly and then were expected to put out quality work in such quick turn around. It just wasn’t practical to get this new equipment, new software, go out and shoot, and have a couple days to get it all together.

All in all though there was a lot to be learned throughout this semester and I’m motivated to hone my skills in the editing realm for future work.