Thoughts on Syrian Conflict/Omran

“The face of the Syrian Civil War”, Omran Daqneesh has been the reoccurring image in recent headlines illustrating the story of political unrest in yet another war torn region.

Often times it’s easy to dismiss matters that don’t affect you personally which is the case with many happenings in the world. Grief turns to brief hashtag trends and short-lived dialogue with not much else to follow.

It’s not until some unfortunate face gets attached to the name so to speak that we humanize these conflicts and actually start to pay mild attention to the going ons overseas. What we fail to realize is that there are many “Omrans” and “Aleppos” that happen everyday and we pay little heed unless they see widespread coverage, but by the time we get these horrific visuals these nations are in full crisis. It’s not until things have been devastated or near to that action and relief is brought on.

Countries have turned families away in the thousands who are seeking refuge from dangerous and destitute situations drawing little more than sympathy from onlookers, a far cry from the contempt and outcry for young Daqneesh. It’s awful that he has faced these circumstances and in no way do I mean to detract from his story, but his hardships are not singular, and change won’t be brought on until that’s acknowledged.