Lovesick (Scrotal Recall) Review

Lovesick, formerly known as Scrotal Recall, is the brainchild of writer Tom Edge that tells the story of a young man, Dylan, played by Johnny Flynn, who has found himself diagnosed with an STD by the name of chlamydia. The premise of the show is based around him contacting previous partners to inform them of his diagnosis.

The plot is interesting for sure; this is a different kind of love story tackling a topic that isn’t often seen in shows dealing with romance. Along the way there are also two friends Evie, played by Antonia Thomas, and Luke, played by Daniel Ings, going through their own issues with one of them struggling to express her affections towards Dylan, the main character.

The show is set to be very relatable, I think many people can find themselves in the characters on this show in how they deal with personal intimacy issues and relationships. It’s humorous in its storytelling while giving light to very serious issues.

The actual format of the show is cool as well with much of the show being set in the past and told through reflections of events jumping to the present to show the events that have taken place as a result.

Great writing, great cast, currently with two completed seasons and hopefully a third on the way to Netflix sometime in the near future.


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