Leon: The Professional Review

Thus far, all my reviews have been on Netflix as is the one I am about to give , but unfortunately Léon: The Professional was removed recently as is the case with their licensing agreements. Nonetheless I highly recommend seeking this show out as it is a must watch, one of my favorite movies of all time.

This 1994 film directed by Luc Besson stars a young Natalie Portman as she makes her acting debut alongside veteran Jean Reno. Together they tell the story of Léon, an Italian hit man and protagonist of the story, who unwillingly befriends 12-year-old Mathilda after her family is murdered in a drug deal related attack.

Mathilda seeks refuge with Léon and quickly becomes captivated in his line of work hoping he will teach her his profession in order to seek revenge on the man who killed her family. Gary Oldman plays the man who becomes the antagonist over the course of the film and Oldman really knocks this role out of the park, exemplifying the villainous acting he has received widespread acclaim for. I love a good bad guy.

It’s easy to fall in love with the characters and see the impact this young girl has on Léon who has very much lived in solitude up until this point. There’s almost this romantic essence between the two that is very much not entirely appropriate, but without it I’m not sure if the movie would’ve had the same effect.

Really just watch it and be impressed by the simplicity with which a story can be told.

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