MU Cheer Club

For my idea pitch, the newly founded cheerleading club was the story that made the cut. Being a new program here on campus there’s opportunity to cover this story in a fresh way without the influence of any prior coverage. I was hoping to focus primarily on the difficulties (if any) of getting a club established and some of the requirements needed to be recognized as a club whether that is a certain amount of funding or heightened general interest from the community.

As for the different angles in this piece, for video the plan is to capture some of their dance routines and the team dynamic as well as one-on-one interviews with some of the members and founder(s). From here I’ll try to answer the question being what drew these participants to join/founder(s) to create and how they have gained any experience or skills.

For the audio segment, there’s a lot of natural sound since this is notoriously a sound heavy activity. Clapping, stomping, yelling would be some obvious clips to shoot for. It may be challenging to isolate these from the routine music, but during practices where they are learning new choreography may be an ideal time to accomplish this.

Photo may be the most challenging out of the three objectives seeing as the people are the main subjects of the story. Besides images of multiple members, I could do some type of shot where the uniform is the focus seeing as it could be a symbolic example of the club’s existence.

There are a lot of different directions to go with this project and as I get into it I think I’ll be able to cement my ideas and determine what would be best suited to tell this story.



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