This doesn’t address any specific journalism event, but an overall ethics evoking discussion about the portrayal of news from the Middle East.

Media in and out of itself is supposed to be an unbiased objective source of information, but for reasons probably having to do with the political machines that run this country a lot of the times it’s easy for media to misconstrue information or present it in a way that almost seems pseudo factual.

This information is nothing new, but when events happen in the Middle East there’s such a gross bias placed onto middle eastern citizens and others who inhabit the region.

Particularly when it comes to issues of conflict and war. During wartimes the amount of casualties of our own neighbors and fellow Americans are important figures. What’s less important is the collateral damage happening abroad to innocent bystanders who maintain no stake in the conflict and these bystanders include children, mothers, fathers and other regular people who have lost their lives.

Continuing off of casualties, you will rarely see the death of Americans or Europeans in the media or pictures of dead Americans or Europeans out of respect for the families and loved ones, and on the rare occasions they are shown, heavy criticism will soon follow. However, these same media outlets will not hesitate to show live feed or images of the dead bodies of Palestinian/Syrian/Israeli lying cold and lifeless face down in the dirt, caught in the crossfire they had no part in. There’s a problem when that’s just news, but when it comes to different nationalities then you have to consider respect for loss of life? I don’t get it. People have become so desensitized to issues that happen outside their own borders to the point where they don’t recognize those people as people just like themselves trying to survive in the world.

The same way nudity is portrayed, and the way you would see it censored in western civilization, other places don’t get the same courtesies. Even if more exposure is relative to certain cultures, shouldn’t the media extend the same respect for modesty that is so given to western civilization and society? Where is the ethics and morality in this topic?

Ethics is in some ways subjective, but in the least you should extend the same respects and courtesies to humans alike and not try to go around ethics by using culture as some type of media scapegoat.


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